Sierra Mist - Balcony / Fire escape - (2004) 0:30 (USA)

Ever get this hot?

Client: BBDO NY

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Remember that city where the weather forecast is always hot? How
about the single guy who lives there with his dog, and their attempts to
get some cool air? Well, they're back again, as Sierra Mist returns to the
land of ads, but it's looking oddly familiar...
When I first saw this ad, it reminded me of that 1995 Pepsi ad where
a young boy sucks on his straw so hard that the force sucks him into the
bottle. It's very possible that this is where the ad's basis came from,
seeing as Sierra Mist is a well known Pepsi product.
Overall, this ad was not to my liking. Most of the other Sierra Mist
commercials could top this one, especially the one with the monkeys
seeking a cool off. I'm wondering if Pepsi are running out of ideas to
cool off.