Sing the praise of.. plagiarizing...

The singing body parts. Two commercials using a nifty post trick to make a body sing. Some body parts more gifted than others...

Baby your body sings to me.

Ad 1 - the singing Penis for Free FM radio - was not only a major funny bone tickler in Oz, but also one of the first ads to be mailed around the web like crazy thanks to mailinglists... Now, Levis does the same trick, with a "less offending" body part...Coincidence or conspiracy? What do you think.. Aliens again?

FREE FM singing penis

Remeber this ad?
I remember it well. It was the very first QT I ever posted at Adland - for no other reason other than it was funny. This amazing feat in post production was done by Brainwash (good name) in Oz.
(the sfx are a *rubber band* and a fishing line! Ouch!)

It was sent around the web. It won awards such as London International Advertising Awards - LIAA, 2000 (Winner) Cannes Lions - International Advertising Festival, 1999 (Silver Lion) .
It was conceived by CW: Shaun Branagan and AD: Pete Buckley and animated to life by Scotty Wilcox who had to stare at this pecker for four full weeks before it was finished and singing..
Yes now you remember it - right?......

Levi's Belly Button Singing

(hit play to start movie)
And presto! Another singing bodypart!
I was dozing in front off the telly in NY heat when this rustled me out of my coma.
Deja vu .......................................
This was aired june/july 2001. Created by the mavericks at TBWA/Chiat/Dayhay in San Fransisco this ads most interesting feature is Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow Soprano to you TV land dwellers) singing Diana Ross' classic "I'm comin' out... "
CW: Susan Treacy AD: Jeff Labbe.
Yes - Michel Gondry shot it.

What do I think? Since when do you care? I think it is quite possible the team had seen the singing penis.... Highly possible actually.
Then again, it could be just another coincidence *oink flap oink flap oink flap* hey... look at them big fat birds..

You could of course agree with those who say that lots of body parts have been singing, and this ain’t nothing new, just better quality post production. There is never a clear cut case, and opinions are what the comment button was made for! :-) Ta ta!

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