Singing about your *ahem* "plumbing" / Miss Flora and CranAssure Cranberry Choir

"Introducing Miss Flora, and the cranberry choir"

The other night I was heading to the kitchen and walked past the TV. I caught the beginning of an ad for CranAssure. I was transfixed by the animated woman singing about urinary tract health and the boucing cranberry following along with the lyrics of the jingle. It's got some flavor of old skool ads from the days of the Maypo Kid and dancing cigarette ads from the animation and jingle style. Thankfully the whingy cranberries, whose voices pierce through my brain resulting in ringing in my ears, leave the singing about urinary tract health to the woman. And now everytime I see the OceanSpray logo I'm going to think of urinary tract infections. Perhaps that was their aim. Anyway, watch the spot here. Follow the bouncing cranberry and sing along! ;)


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