sioo wood protector "The world's most boring billboard" (2018) 1:12 (Sweden)

Sioo:x Wood Protection gives outdoor wood surfaces a beautiful, natural silver-grey hue and keeps them protected for twelve years. In order to tout this, Stendahls made a billboard from real Sioo:x-treated boards, placed it in Malmö, Sweden, for a twelve year media buy. That's right. Twelve years of looking at the same boring billboard. Fun idea. Although I'm not sure why they made it boring. Maybe to make it blend in?

Advertising Agency: Stendahls, Sweden Chief Creative Officer: Martin Cedergren Copywriter: Mikael Andersson Art Director: Josefin Thor Account Director: Jens Flensburg Production Manager: Anna Lotto Film photogragher: Jens Dohnberg Graphic designer: Samuel Forsström 3D Artist / Motion: Carl Björndal

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