Sitges Film Festivals "50 years of something to believe in" (2016) :40 (Spain)

Sitges is the number one Fantasy Film Festival in the world. For this year, they created a spot about belief with a twist. It is lovingly shot, and cast, featuring members form all walks of religious life who it is revealed, al believe in the same thing. Nicely done.

Cliet: Sitges Film Festival
Agency: CHINA
Creative Team: Rafa Antón & Miguel Ángel Duo
Executive Creative Director: Rafa Antón
Director: Eivind “Salmon” Holmboe
Production: fish
Executive producer: David de la Flor
Producer: Sergio Martínez
Production manage: Marce Molero
Production coordinator: Ana de Ancos
Director of photography: Albert Roigé
Editor: Jose Ramón Lorenzo
Postproduction: Loïc Grobéty & José T. Álvarez
Music: Liebestraum (Sueño de Amor) no.3 – Franz Liszt

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