Skittles - Mothers Day / Umbilical - (2017) :30 (USA)

Sooooo, DDB Chicago just cranked up the weird to ick-factor purple snot and present us with this extremely uncomfortable, unattractive, perfectly cast and executed Mothers Day ad for Skittles. I may personally not like the strange they were going for, but they did it exceptionally well. So uncomfortable. Only made worse by "I miss dad!"

Kids like things that are gross. I remember eating gummies that looked like snot, eyeballs and scabs as a kid. In fact, I tell kids that kale chips are "Frankenstein scabs", just so they'll devour a bag of it. This ad reaches new heights of nauseating, which I am sure will have tons of kids "cutting" the rainbow. The creative team at DDB are in touch with their inner scab eating child. Well done, weirdos.

And yes, TV-geeks, that is Macs Mom from "It's always sunny in Philadelphia"

Ad agency: DDB Chicago

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That is fucked up. In a brilliant way.

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But yeah, I see the quality.

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It's eeeeeeeeewmazing.

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ew, that pun.