Skittles - Smile - (2013) :30 (USA)

- "Louis never smiles."
- "Why won't he smile?"

Because you wouldn't have a weird ad if he didn't have Skittles teeth to french away. "French the rainbow, taste the rainbow" Weird the rainbow. Quirk the rainbow. Surreal the rainbow.

Client: Mars, Inc. - Skittles
Agency: DDB Chicago
Mark Gross – SVP, Executive Creative Director
Kathleen Tax – Creative Director (Copywriter)
Marisa Groenweghe – Creative Director (Art Director)
Diane Jackson – EVP, Executive Director of Integrated Production
Will St. Clair – VP, Executive Producer
Scott Terry – Production Manager
Kate Christiansen – VP, Senior Account Director
Gwen Hammes – VP, Account Director
Jennifer Marks – Account Executive
Trace Schlenker – Account Manager
David "Chizzy" Chriswick – SVP, Group Strategy Director
Director: Randy Krallman
Prod. Com: Smuggler
Edit Com: Whitehouse Post, Chicago
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Telecine: Fred Keller, Filmworkers Chicago
Post FX/Finish: Rob Churchill, Filmworkers Chicago

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Can we stick a fork in the rainbow's ass already?

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