Sky Broadband "Bat Fans" (2017) :42 (UK)

Batman is a little too full of himself in this cross promo for Sky Broadband and the Lego Batman movie. He assumes Sky Broadband is giving him the royal treatment because of who he is, not because of their amazing customer service. I love the "bat merch" dig as well. Quite charming for what it is. And how could you not love Lego?

Client: Sky BroadbandCredits
Client Team – Lyssa McGowan, Andy Heatley, Joel Keoghan, Virginia Cook, Michael Stoneman, Hannah Maton, Louise Ford
Agency: WCRS
Agency Executive Creative Director - Leon Jaume
Agency Creative Director – Chris Ringsell
Agency Creative team – Adam Claridge, Adam Ronan, Hayden Rogers, Anne Marie Burrows
Agency Producers – Chantelle Bloom
Agency Account Team – Torie Wilkinson, Carolina Gutierrez Vargas, Kamahl Hoque, Rosa Stanley, Tom Campbell
Planning – Angharad Thomas
Media Handled by Mediacom

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