Skype - Liverpool FC Daniel Sturridge surprises ladies team (2016) directors cut UK

You know group video calling on Skype, right? Well you can also do this on mobile and tablets - and to advertise this Skype just launched a branded content campaign which leverages their official partnership with Liverpool FC.

After filming in the freezing Liverpudlian, torrential rain, the Liverpool University women’s football team got a surprise locker room pep-talk to warm them up. All the while this illustrates how Skype allows the disparate team members to keep their whole team together even when they can't make the training. Now you can get together with anyone, anytime, anywhere. No one misses out with group video calling, even when Liverpool and England hero Daniel Sturridge turns up for a surprise pep-talk and to practice celebrating goal dances. Score one for all the ladies cheers when he enters the locker room.

The campaign was developed by Longform London with Skype’s in-house creative team and was produced by Th2ng – The film was written and directed by Yannakis Jones.

Agency: Longform, London
Director: Yannakis Jones

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