Skype "Pet Detective" (2015) 5:09 (USA)

Valeriy is a pet detective in Russia (the only pet detective, in Russia mind you) and is really good at his job. He uses Skype a lot to communicate with his clients because it's easier, and also free if he uses the free version, and also because they can send him images of their pets. This is a very heartwarming story in which Valeriy is able to find Donut, a white terrier, for his client. Th eproduct placement borders on gratuitous and tt's five minutes long, which means it probably should have been three minutes. But overall it's still heartwarming.

If you go to Skype's special website you can learn more about this Muscovite's special talents. And that's where it gets a bit wonky. One section of the site has a header called "See what people are saying about pet Detective," but since the ad is so new, people aren't talking about the Russian Pet detective. They are just talking about how great Skype is. Three ways you can tell: None of them have Russian Names. None are talking about the film, and the names get repeated a lot. Gabe Westmaas, anyone?

Agency: Pereira & O’Dell
Executive Creative Director: Jamie Robinson
Creative Director: Jonathan Woytek
Associate Creative Director: Michael Gurman
Associate Creative Director: Brett Beaty
Senior Art Director: Ben Sweitzer
Senior Copywriter: Gabriel Miller
Copywriter: Simon Friedlander
Head of Production: Jeff Ferro
Senior Broadcast Producer: Bill Spangler
Post Producer: Ro Weitekamp
Senior Integrated Producer: Jason Mar
Co-Director of Client Services: Ivy Truong
Senior Account Executive: William de Ryk
Strategy Director: Molly Cabe
Strategy Director - Media and Distribution: Jasmine Summerset

Production Company: Station Film
Director: Peking (Gregory Mitnick and Nat Livingston Johnson)
Executive Producer: Caroline Gibney, Michael Di Girolamo
Line Producer: Sarah McMurray

Editorial and Post: Umlaut Films
Editor: Jessica Congdon
Assistant Editor: Michael Pavoni
Color: Ivan Miller
Online: Ivan Miller
Executive Producer: Gina Locurcio
Producer: Kelly Gibbs

Music: Future Perfect Music
Composer: Victor Magro
Executive Producer: Maxwell Gosling

Sound Mix: One Union Recording Studios
Senior Engineer: Eben Carr
Senior Engineer: Matthew Wood
Audio Producer: Lauren Mask

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