Skyrocket "Stay Cool" (2017) :30 (USA)

Why wear a hat to keep cool when you can fly a SkyViper drone over your head, instead? Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather wear a hat and see what kind of streaming capability this drone has. That might just be me, though.

Client: Skyrocket
CEO & Co-Founder: Nelo Lucich
CMO & Co-Founder: John Ardell
Creative Director & Co-Founder: Jon Proudfit
Social Media, Public Relations, and Corporate Communications Manager: Jessica Nassi

Agency: Battery
CEO/Co-Founder: Anson Sowby
CCO/Co-Founder: Philip Khosid
VP Creative Director: Scott Brown
Creative Director: Joseph Shands
Brand Director: Maximilian Kislevtiz
Brand Supervisor: Zach Hill
Executive Producer: Sam Baerwald
Executive Producer: Kristine Ling
Producer: Mackenzie Busch

Production Company: Hey Baby Films
Director: Josh Soskin
Director of Photography: Rachel Morrison
Executive Producer: Johnny Parker
Associate Producer: Emi Lofgren
Line Producer: Dennis Beier

Editorial/VFX: NO.6 Editorial & No.7 VFX
Managing Partner: Carr Schilling
Editor: Scott Butzer
Producer: Michelle Dorsch
Flame Artist: Verdi Sevenhuysen

Color: The Mill
Colorists: Adam Scott
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson
Producer: Diane Velara

Music Supervisor: Me Knowing The Truth
Michael Gross

Audio: Formosa
Mix Engineer: John Bolen
Executive Producer: Lauren Cascio

Business Affiars: Waving Cat
Jeff Estow

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