Sleep Number "IT bed: Alexei" (2017) :30 (USA)

Spitting in the face of the one-size-fits-all promise of a bed-in-a-box, Sleep Number goes out of its way to supply you all kinds of humorous reasons why you need a bed that changes with you. Weight loss and injury being the biggest ones. Speaking of changing, this is also a completely different demographic they are after compared to the Talk Radio days of yore. Guess they can't rely on Sean Hannity or whoever any more. The guy wearing the cat ears at the end feels like it's trying a bit too hard, though.

Client: iT Bed by Sleep Number
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Executive CD: Dave Peterson
Creative Director: Courtney Vincent
Art Director/ACD: Andrea Hyde
Designer: Daniel Lurvey
Copywriter: Madeline Harkness
Producer: Andrea Shimp
Account Supervisor: Molly Loken
Strategy: Lauren Buckley
Project Management: Kate Meehan, Rachael Moench
Studio Artist: Steve Carlson
Business Affairs: Tracie Kittelson
Director: Aldo Hertz
Photographer: Cameron Wittig
Video Production: Aldo Hertz, Topper Anton
Edit: JoLynn Garnes, Topper Anton
Music: Daron Walker, HiFi Project, Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Cohran
Hair/Make-Up Artist: Carol Stopera
Prop/Set Stylist: Liz Gardner

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