Sleep Number" IT bed: Paige" (2017) :36 (USA)

Apparently you need a sleep number because you fall down the stairs, are a drunk, a slob, an overeating pig, and have too many cats. If you squint you can see some actual reasons why you need a bed that changes with you (llike injury, going from single to sharing the bed, etc) but it's trying a bit too hard to appeal to generation Instagram, and unlike the other spot in this campaign, it's not as clever.

Client: iT Bed by Sleep Number
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Executive CD: Dave Peterson
Creative Director: Courtney Vincent
Art Director/ACD: Andrea Hyde
Designer: Daniel Lurvey
Copywriter: Madeline Harkness
Producer: Andrea Shimp
Account Supervisor: Molly Loken
Strategy: Lauren Buckley
Project Management: Kate Meehan, Rachael Moench
Studio Artist: Steve Carlson
Business Affairs: Tracie Kittelson
Director: Aldo Hertz
Photographer: Cameron Wittig
Video Production: Aldo Hertz, Topper Anton
Edit: JoLynn Garnes, Topper Anton
Music: Daron Walker, HiFi Project, Inc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Sarah Cohran
Hair/Make-Up Artist: Carol Stopera
Prop/Set Stylist: Liz Gardner

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