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Sleeping Beauty DVD Takes Princesses to the Max

"Once upon a time, there was a princess." One of Disney's most outstanding movies, "Sleeping Beauty" recently hit the shelves as a two-disc DVD extravaganza, and oh boy, does the advertising ever abound!

Possibly because Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) is one of the few Disney princesses who wears pink ("Make it pink."), Disney has taken the liberty to totally devote the "Sleeping Beauty" DVD to girls. Not even the "Beauty and the Beast" DVD was so full of girlish type things. Obviously, I wouldn't be writing this article if what I had to say didn't have anything to do with advertising, and boy does this DVD have advertising. The Disney Electronics and the Disney Princess (General) were two of the funniest, most blatant bits of advertising I've ever spotted on a DVD. The electronics ad sports everything from TVs to DVD players...only in princess style. Nice pink color, wouldn't you say?

The Disney Princess ad is even funnier. Four girls dressed as famous Disney princesses, jumping on the bed and having tea. The announcer asks if you can imagine "You're a Disney Princess." Oh yea...I sure can.

As a side note, there's also a TV commercial with more Disney Princess stuff. It's the silliest castle ever! Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White star as young (And in my opinion, ugly) versions of themselves, in their environments they wouldn't see until they were much older. And when you put them all on the top, they twirl around and lovely classical music plays! La la la...

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