Smart Car - animated ascii ad on twitter!

Dare I call this a first? It might not be an original idea, people have been doing ascii art since the early days of typewriters, and some have decided to animate their twitter-feed but this is still a step up. It's an animated twitter-feed of a Smart car driving - check @SmartArg's feed and hold down your J key to watch it roll. It's so geeky and clever I actually squealed a little. :P Way to go Smart Argentina.


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I make ASCII art myself. This is what I'd call Twitter text art. Very smart. I loved seeing this. Thanks for posting it to be found.

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I have also visited that feature on twitter. The feature is really mind blowing. I was astonished by the animated twitter-feed of a Smart car driving.

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Animated ascii code is something i did not came across earlier. Waiting to see it personally. thanks a lot for uploading.