Snickers - Shark, Lion, Bear - print, USA

TBWA New York alerts us to this campaign being a fake

Their exact words: "not approved by the client and have been distributed without permission"

Snickers had nothing to do with these ads created by a young green team armed with photoshop.

Art Director Matthew Woodhams-Roberts and Copywriter Nick Terzis at TBWA\Chiat\Day dug around Corbis images until they came up with this for Snickers.

Ad agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, USA
Art Director: Matthew Woodhams-Roberts
Copywriter: Nick Terzis
Photography: Getty, Corbis
"Run" Date: Feb. 2008

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What the F*** is that !!

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And the copywriter have worked hard...

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Update - the campaign was indeed too cheap (and naive) to be true. TBWA has asked me to remove it.

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The little shits who made it should be fired for two reasons

1) Sending out work client did not approve

Seriously, that was a shitty idea. If that's what the kids today are coming up with, my job is secure.