SoBe - Lizard Swan Lake - (2009) :60 (USA)

Created by The Arnell Group this ad follow right after the DreamWorks Animation SKG trailer for their "Monsters vs. Aliens" 3D movie in the second quarter - and on super Sunday this ad will air in 3D just like the Monsters vs Aliens trailer. It features the SoBe Lizards and Monsters vs. Aliens characters doing an updated swan lake ballet dance with less than nimble beefy NFL players on tippytoe.

The Arnell Group

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*Speechless* Did someone slip me acid while I was watching that? On the upside, there was no pointless Naomi Campbell.

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Oh common. Can Naomi Campbell ever be pointless?
But yes, this one sucks.

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This is why you really shouldn't wear white after labour day. Or ever.