Social Medias noise to signal ratio collapses as White House tweets hump day jokes.

President Obama's team may have won the coveted titanium lion for their great social media push back in Cannes 2009, but now in 2013 and on a second term, the novelty is wearing off.

The unwritten rule of a successful social media (read: twitter) account is to be a little humorous, personable, funny and ... transparent. (Hi NSA! *waves at satellite*) But then there's also the unwritten rule to hush up when a tragedy, mass shooting, war or natural disaster happens - unless you're reporting on the events. Everyone wise knows to stick with communicating what their brand should communicate, in the tone that their brand communicates with at all times. This morning whomever runs the WhiteHouse twitter account forgot that rule, and might have thought they were a Geico ad. You see, the presidents official account can make jokes but Rodeo clowns can not joke about the president.

Geico - Hump Day - currently on air daily since July.

Reaction from the listening twitterati range from giggles to burning sarcasm. While people may have joked that Interns were suddenly running the account, and that may even be true, the mistake isn't the age of the twitterer. As we've said before neither old nor young should be hired to run your social media. The mistake lies in not understanding the brand. People are not looking to for hump day jokes, tempting as they may be for their retweet factor. Whitehouse iz sirius. Free Advice; while 150+ people may have died in Egypt today, ease up on the camel jokes.

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