SOHN - Signal (2016) 4:37 (USA)

Milla Jovovich makes her directorial debut and stars in this languid atmospheric video for SOHN's new single, his first in two years, called "Signal." There's not so much of a story as it is Milla Jovovich grabbing her head in the throes of anxiety and sadness, while behind her, Milla Jovovich is projected, doing more or less the same thing, but with messier hair and tear-stained makeup. That's fine by me. I would happily pay to watch Milla Jovovich eat rice cakes. The only thing that would have made this better is if she whispered "multipass," at the end. But basically she should always say "multipass."

Directed by Milla Jovovich
DP: Vern Nobles
Post Production: Therapy Studios
Editor: Doobie White
Online/Color: Omar Inguanzo

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