SOS Children’s Villages "A like is not enough" (2015) :30 (Finland)

This spot tells the story of two kids who aren't growing up in a loving home, who hide behind the curtains from a parent who enters the house. Across the way in the neighboring apartment building, a woman sees them and gives them the like sign. The point being "Liking," something on social media is not enough to remedy the situation of children who are growing up in horrible situations. The goal is to get you to do more than just like, but to donate actual money.

While I love the sentiment of this spot, visually the storytelling is a bit of a disconnect as it assumes either that the woman giving the like sign knows all about the kids' situation and that's all she wants to do about it, or that she has no idea at all and is merely giving them the like sign because of the girl's fairy wings. I wish it paid the sentiment off visually just a little bit better.

Client: SOS Children’s Villages International
Production Company: Directors Guild Helsinki
Director: Musuta
Executive Producer: Ville Varesvuo
Producer: Juha-Matti Nieminen
DOP: Mark Stubbs
Editor: Timo Halonen
Post Production: Toast Post Production
Color Grading: Henri Pulla @ Pullapost
Sound Design: Timo Anttila @ Humina
Music: Jukka Backlund

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