Søstrene Grene "Anna and Clara" (2018) 1:47 (Denmark)

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"Here's to the little things and new beginnings." So says this ad for Danish retailer Søstrene Grene. The seamless animation celebrates family life and the way that Søstrene Grene's interior decor helps enhance it. As seasons change form spring ot summer to fell to winter, the charming poetic voice over reminds us to savor the moments big and small that occur throughout the year. Beautiful words and animation, too. I also love how they showcase all that the store has to offer in an organic authentic way, rather than presenting it as a product line.

Client: Søstrene Grene Director: Stinus Morell Vithner Script/Poem: Joy Fyrst Williams & Stinus Morell Vithner Producer: Jonas Bjarnøe Executive Producer: Ronni Madsen DOP: Kenneth Svanborg Art Director: Mette Lyhne Production Managers: Søren Bech & Sarah Lanng Post Producers: Søren Bech & Jacob Frandsen Editing: Stinus Morell Vithner Compositing: Filip Stanfeld, Kasper Jørgensen Composer: Karsten Kjems Sound Design: Nicolas Vetterli Production Company: M2Film

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