Southern Comfort spoof ad budgiewalk raises money for children's hospital

Enamored with that Southern Comfort commercial where the man who has 'gotta be me' struts his stuff along the beach in a bathing suit and leather shoes, a a group of students from the University of Sheffield suddenly had the bright idea to do their own version when Pete sort of volunteered to recreate it, as long as some money got raised for the local children's hospital (and he got a bottle of Southern Comfort).

I'm kinda betting this means that Southern Comfort was involved prior to the strut-recreation. Because god knows it's cold out there. The advert was shot Monday on the university football pitches and it stars Peter Wilding strutting. Hugh Lindley is the budding DOP/Director, and it was edited by Alex Loxley, with help from Ryan Rogerson (who also plays the sleeping semi-naked man Pete steps over in the video).

Since this is out there to raise some money for a children's hospital, here is the link: "we've got £143 so far, but the page only went up on Friday and we're hopeful of a good bit more. Any extra exposure (and Pete is already very exposed) would therefore be welcome!" says director Hugh Lindley.

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