Southwest Airlines Commercial Wedding Season

Last year this girl danced through four weddings, including an awkward slow dance with a boy. She was rocking her nice dresses and grandma too. Now she's back strutting her stuff in her best heels as wedding season begins anew. There's a twist of course, the most enthusiastic guy is dancing with her when she finally catches the bouquet. Maybe next year we'll get to see their babies dancing?

“Southwest Airlines continues to reinforce the importance of connecting Customers to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel,” said Bob Jordan, Southwest Airlines’ Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. “Our personality shines through in these ads, but beyond the college visits and wedding dancing we can have fun with, you’re going to see an airline that works hard to keep fares low and flying accessible with a strong emphasis on the hospitality our Employees deliver day in and day out.”

Whatever you say, Bob. All I know is that the dancing girl is cute, and the insight quite funny. We've all been her at weddings. Haven't we? Just me? Damn. *does the thriller dance in heels*

Ad agency: GSD&M in Austin

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Love this ad! Can you share who makes the black/white skirt and black top in the final scenes? Might need to copy for a wedding I'm attending soon! Thanks!

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Haha I came here looking for the exact same info! Hopefully we aren't attending the same wedding ;)

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macys Betsy Adam striped chevron gown