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Speakwell - #SaveanAmerican (2017) 2:00 (France)

It's easy to jump on a hot topic in order to gain a little PR for yourself, as demonstrated by anyone saying anything against President-elect Trump at the moment. Previously the Swedish agency Round promised a job to Americans who wanted to leave the USA, while Canadian Cape Breton entices Americans to check their island out. Now Speakwell has decided to help "Save an American" by offering French families who wish to host an American an English language workshop. Never mind that there's mountains of paperwork for resident permits and other hurdles for any American who wishes to move to France. Never mind that fleeing one populist politician only to run into another one, will have Americans stuck in the same dilemma, only on foreign soil.

France has always been a land of welcome, and opens its arms to the American way of life, however the French still have some progress to make when it comes to speaking English.

In this clip we meet French teenagers, old ladies and farmers who open their homes to Americans, and when the teenage girl offers her bed, I pictured teenage boys nagging their parents to move. Subtle. The farmer is so perfectly French it's amusing, the music is good, but this ad will only reach new customers if it does go viral. Will it? Maybe, because their YT descriptions currently reads:

In order to save an American, Speakwell decided to offer english classes to 5 French families who wants to welcome an American.

It should read "families who want." Not "wants."

Client : Speakwell
Directeur : Edward Lecomte
Responsable Relation Presse : Christina Ashley

Agence : Gloryparis
Creation Directors : Arnaud le Bacquer & Hugues Pinguet
Account Executive : Charles Fauré, Meriem Bouthiba
Art Director & Copywriter : Gabriel Bonnefond
Realisation : Laurent Stinus
Video Editing : Clément Leniau
Sound Production : Interference
Motion : Red Cat Corner

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