(SPEC) Tony is Back - Anna - (2015) :50 (USA)

“I was so full of anger after being bullied, abused and humiliated for years, but I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it. Tony gave me the strength to fight back” says Anna.

The thing about creating a wacky and subversive satirical world is that is still needs to follow certain internal consistencies. The juxtaposition between a bright and enthusiastic cereal character and a dark deed is a source of humour in this spec ad, but the internal logic is ill considered. It's not like one can just pick up a suicide vest at the 7-Eleven. I feel like they missed an opportunity here; a twitchy junkie robbing the place for her next fix would have made much more sense.

Read Anna's story

Read our interview with Tony


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You're missing that this is the woman being beaten by the cops in one of the other fake Tony ads. There's your internal logic.

This all cost a lot of money and time. 3 full ads so far, shot on multiple locations with ample extras, pro cinematography, pro sound, and decent cgi. This is no half-assed prank or spec work. There's a point to it but we don't know the endgame.