SPEC: Visa "Loose Change" (2015) 1:30 (UK)

Contactless payments are a real convenience for shoppers. On the flip side though, the practice of throwing your spare change in the charity bucket next to the cash register is disappearing. To make sure charity keeps up with technology, recent grads Ali MacManus and Bruce Morrison came up with this idea as a response to the Cannes Future Lions competition by AKQA and Google. You just get a contactless payment card, register it, choose your charity and every time you use the card it'll round up your purchase price the nearest pound, with that "loose change," going to charity.
Nice idea from these Robert Gordon University students.

Client: Visa
Creatives: Bruce Morrison, Ali MacManus

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Many brand stores in Sweden do this over the holidays, with a sign of which charity they donate to. When you buy anything they ask you if you want to round up, and it goes to X charity of the season. I've seen it everywhere from H&M to ICA (supermarket).

Not that it's a bad idea. Doing it on app and selecting your own charity is nice. Also this works much better in pounds.