Special Dog - Window / Ashes (2016) :35 (Brazil)

A widow has a very strange habit. She takes a spoonful of her husbands ashes in her tea. Why? Immortality? To humiliate him after he's dead? Who knows. The dog knows. Uh-Oh. He knows too much!

Utterly hilarious ad campaign from DM9DDB that adds a nefarious twist as to why you'd give your dog treats. It's bribes.

Do not miss the equally hilarious Bondage and Sofa.

Ad Agency: DM9DDB
Client: Special Dog
Title: He knows too much
Chief Creative Officer: Aricio Fortes
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Coelho
Creative Directors: Gonzalo Ricca, Carlos Schleder, Adriano Alarcon
Art Diretor: Rafael Segri
Copywriter: Filipe Medici
Production Company: Bossa Nova
Director: Livia Gama
Sound: A9 Audio

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