Speed Stick "Invest for the future" (2016) :30 (USA)

Don't think only on the short term. Don't get filled up with hors d'oeuvres when there's so much more to snack on. This is the advice John McGinley of Scrubs gives L.A's lottery pick Brandon Ingram. I'll be damned if I know what it has to do with Speed Stick.

Agency: ESPN CreativeWorks
Writer/Producer: Ata Movassaghi
Writer/Art Director: Genta Nakahara
Creative Director: Jay Marrotte
Coordinator: Marissa Gaier
Production / Design and Finishing: Big Block
Directors: Josh + Vince
Executive Producer / Managing Director: Kenny Solomon
Executive Producer / Head of Production (Live): Geno Imbriale
Head of Production VFX: Kay Rough
Creative Director: Shaun Collings
Creative Director: Curtis Doss
Art Director: Philip Bischel
Director of Photography: Mark Plummer
Sr. Producer Design & VFX: Sabrina Mance-Weinstein
CG Super: Scott McNeff
Flame: Ryan Yoshimoto
Finishing Editor: James Boger
Color Correction: James Boger
TD: Albert Soto
Designer/Animator: Philip Bischel
Designer/Animator: Kasey Allen
Designer/Animator: Abigail Fairfax
Designer/Animator: Noha Khashoggi
Designer/Animator: Ricky Elizondo
Designer/Animator: Aaron Evans
Designer/Animator: Fabian Garzon
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