Spendrups fined 400,000 for showing ice in a beer poster : ad banned

I've never quite understood the strategy of selling a beer on being "cold" (which would be my job to keep it so) rather than tasty, but everyone knows that an ice-cold beer at the height of summer is when lagers are at their best. So Spendrups did an ad with the headline "have a really cold summer", suggesting cold beer on hot days. They've now been reprimanded for having the audacity suggesting that beer should be drunk at all, forget seeing anything as advanced as the Jupiler Ice Beer poster here in Sweden.

This is the offending Spendrups ad that ran last summer. Shocking, isn't it?

And this is the first page of Konsumentombudsmannen's deciscion to forbid Spendrups from having any ice or cold suggestions in their beer ads. The only thing that they allowed to depict in their beer ads are the bottle and the logo, and if they ever run the headline "Have a really cold summer" or similar again, they'll be fined 400,000 SEK.

Source - KO förbjuder Spendrups att vid marknadsföring för alkoholdryck, the full PDF is here

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