Spotify - Never ending story (2016) :30 (USA)

Spotify has a target in mind, and it's you 80s kids (and 80s fans). So they resurrected the luck dragon riding scene from the film "The NeverEnding Story", which was an earworm that lasted throughout all of junior high, and I only saw the movie once. WARNING. You gotta take this song in small doses, else you pull a Limahl and start frosting and spiking your mullet. True story. To make it a proper homage, they hired Noah Hathaway who played the warrior child Atreyu, and they hired Alan Oppenheimer, who voiced the furry Falkor to do it again. Apparently, the song is still streamed daily, and W+K wants to tempt you to come and find the other lost music from your youth on Spotify. The campaign will continue to share quirky facts like this as it rolls out.

Ad agency: Wieden+ Kennedy New York

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