Sprite does giant "blinkie" posters

Sprite Ugly
Sprite Pretty
Bad Teeth

"Interactive" posters currently running in Copenhagen for sprite show you one thing from one angle, and another thing as you move.

Read more to see the ad in full.

Seems the wrong season to be pulling the "blinkie" trick as it's darn hard to photograph and hard to see when the sun is on it. But here it is, the Sprite poster is a giant blinkie, two photos printed under "stripey" plastic so depending on where you are standing will dictate which image you see. Very cool effect as you walk past one.

One the one hand, she is ugly....

On the other, she is pretty

And the poster in full looks like this.

Many moons ago - 1995 to be exact - I had an idea of a blinkie poster too, for Carlsberg Ice. As I recall I was told "you can't make blinkies that big." Well, now you can, so lets hear it for technology! Got a client you could do a blinkie poster for?


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Dabitch's picture

Yeah thats a good idea.

And perhaps the "I lost X pounds with....". ;) Naah!

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Drove by this ad on my bike today - and nearly crashed. Damn she's disgusting.

Guess the idea is not fantastic in itself but the use of media is nice though. Just to bad that Sprite Zero tastes like crap.

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I'll have to agree about the media being the cool bit here. You know I'm extra peeved since my farte morgana for Carlsberg Ice was never realised. ;) Dammit! I could've been supah-hawt creative!
Like Sprite zero, Carlsberg Ice tasted like crap too, so the product died in the end.

AnonymousCoward's picture

This seems a natural media for "Faces of Meth" ad's...