Squarespace "John Malkovich" (2017) 3:00 (USA)

John Malkovich goes from actor to fashion designer in this short film for Squarespace, going so far as to create a custom online store at the appropriately named website, John Malkovich. He's going so far in the film to say au revoir to his acting career and throwing himself full on into his sartorial passion. But since this is a film as well, it's still atmospheric and moodily lit.
No, it's not a joke. As the about section from the website tells us, "John has had an interest in clothes and fashion photography. He even studied costuming at university and, to this day, does costume design for theater. He walked the Comme des Garçons runway when no actor would and was featured in campaigns for Prada, Antonio Miro, and Armani, among others."
In the film Malkovich is poised, answering questions from a reporter about how "the public," will take his new vocation choice with just a slight bit of haughtiness and nonchalance, more or less keeping his emotions in check, choosing a more elegant answer than something a long the lines of "Do you really think I give a shit what other people think?" The film has some nice moments of Malkovich at work, Malkovich walking, Malkovich ignoring agent trying to coax him into reading a script, etc. The only note that rings false is their incredulousness. I mean, everyone has their own fashion line or brand now. Why would this be such a shock? In what world would a brand extension by a famous genius legacy actor, nay, an artiste, be considered a detriment? To that I call B.S.
Regardless, the man now he has his own fashion label and collection of menswear. Just think, you can wear your own bit of Malkovich if you've got the dosh. he prices are higher end, ranging between $350-770 U.S. What can I say? Clothes made by famous people come at a price. But if you have a yearning for a cardigan, or mosaic scarf or whatever is going on with this sweater's collar, you know where to find it.
Interesting and inspired music choice, too: The song playing is DeVotchka's "How it ends."

Client: Squarespace
Agency: JohnXHannes,
Production: Smuggler and Flower Ave.
Director: Miles Jay
Photographer: Zach Gold.

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