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Squatty Potty - Kathy Griffin "Full of shit" (2017) (USA)

Second week of May this Kathy Griffin ad rolls out digital media only, where Kathy tells people that they are "full of shit." Literally. See, Kathy Griffin has a potty mouth but also a selling point - the reason you'd use the squatty potty is to properly empty your bowels. "It's like a colonic" she explains, but without that hose up your ass. A cute blue turd bleeps her potty mouth but the point is still made.

You may remember Squatty Potty's pooping unicorn video created by the Harmon Brothers in 2015. Now Kathy Griffin is their first celebrity spokesperson. The brand’s CEO and co-creator, Bobby Edwards, finds her quirky, brave and fearless, which makes her a good ambassador for the brand as they target women with this campaign.

Edwards says the brand team fell in love with the "full of shit" idea from Bravery Films, "it got the biggest laughs" from staff. Howie Ronay, Bravery Films’ founder and chief creative officer, a former FCB exec who worked on the 2013 viral hit “Ship My Pants” for Kmart explains: “We know a lot of people struggle with this issue, and we decided to take a common colloquial phrase and use it literally.” Basically, this is "ship my pants II." Enough about poop, not all ads can be great.

Client: Squatty Potty
Agency/Production Company – Bravery Films
Founder/Director: Brad Lubin
Founder/Chief Creative Officer: Howie Ronay
Executive Producer – Juliana Lubin
Line Producer – Mark Conley
DP – Thomas Kloss
Edited by Gareth McEwen, Speade U.K.
Post Production – Nice Biscuits, U.K.

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