St1 - Meat Loaf would do anything for love but not that (2015) :90 (Sweden)

In an epic production we will finally get the answer to what Meat Loaf won't do for love - we've been wondering what it is since 1993. He will ride through hell and back, being chased by dynamite throwing biker gangs. He will ride through a road populated by crocodiles. He will ride across the desert, and jump over the grand canyon if he must. Stunts and explosions all around make Meat Loaf look pretty badass on his awesome motorcycle, that is... Until he runs out of gas.

This is when a very Scandinavian thing is revealed. Unmanned gas stations are a fairly recent thing in Scandinavia and while it's cheaper to use, lots of people haven't dared to try it yet. The production values and pyrotechnics on this are top notch, and the 90 will be cut down to sevearl shorter variants to air internationally starting Monday next week - 25th of May 2015.

"On St1 we challenge old truths. After 22 years of waiting, we can finally stop speculating and find out what it is Meat Loaf, one of the world's most famous musicians, can’t imagine doing for love", says Erica Samuelsson, marketing manager at St1.

Ad agency: Garbergs
PR agency: Wenderfalck

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