Stamps for Good (2016) 1:10 (South Africa)

In collaboration with rocketSeed, M&C Saatchi Abel came up with a very fun idea. We send way more emails that letters, which means stamps are being neglected. So why not do something about it by linking a virtual stamp to a charity? Introducing Stamps For Good. Ten stamps linked to ten different charities. At the moment, Stamps for Good is only available to companies via a year-long subscription. Although there are plans to extend this to individuals in the near future. The charities that users can choose from are: The Haven Night Shelter, Apple-a-Day Foundation, WWF, Habitat for Humanity SA, Project Literacy, The Sunflower Fund, Reach for a Dream, Cotlands, Learn to Earn, and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

Client: Stamps For Good
Agency: M&C Saatchi Abel

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