Stanfield’s separates the men from the boys

Stanfield’s of Truro, Nova Scotia reconnects with the brand’s all-guys roots launching a new advertising campaign in support of its all-season and winter underwear.

“We wanted to make the brand feel more contemporary but at the same time wanted to stay true to who we are,” says Jon Stanfield, President of Stanfield’s. “We’re not flashy. We’re very much like the guys who wear them - hard-working, masculine, and no-nonsense.”

“We wanted to make those Stanfield’s qualities a badge of honour, but how do you do that when that badge is underneath a pair of pants?” says Angus Tucker, Co-Creative Director of john st., the agency who created the campaign. “But the fact that you can’t see what brand someone is wearing actually lead to the idea: that you don’t have to see them to know who’s wearing them.


Proof of that is evident in a TV spot which features a man in an exercise club working out with a big red exercise ball while a guy beside him opts for traditional crunches on the gym floor. A second spot features a guy opting out of beers with a buddy so he can take his wife to book club.

Each spot finishes with the line “You don’t have to see them to know who’s wearing them”, before ending with a heroic shot of the Stanfield’s guy rotating over an “Underwear for Men” tagline.

“We want to celebrate guys with this campaign, and say quite clearly that Stanfield’s are made for them. We also want to say quite clearly, that despite what the saleswoman might tell you, a man-thong is just wrong”, Tucker adds.

Ads will air nationally this Fall on sports and guy-related specialty programming with a third spot promoting Stanfield’s “Polar-therm” line of long underwear airing closer to Winter.

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While I enjoyed the freezer ad, the bookclub one did not rub me the right way. Too stereotypically describing "manliness" and "unmanliness."

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Agreeing here, the freezer was spot on and funny, but the other two were just stereotype-riding-meh. I was even wondering if I should interpret it as the book club and pilates dude are the ones wearing Stanfield, as they are man enough to not give a damn about what other people think. Seems that wasn't intended.