Stanley "Montage" (2017) :30 (USA)

Up until now, I always associated Stanley with working class and outdoor people. We make a thermos for the four am commute to the factory or the four am fishing trip. But apparently I've been wrong this whole time, as Stanley is actually "the best gear for our worst vices." The result is, you guessed it, hipsters on the beach getting drunk and acting half their age.

A cursory glance at their Wiki page tells me Stanley bottles were invented in 1913 and that early uses included flying with B-17 pilots, and transporting everything from bull semen to human organs, even accompanying crews on deep sea explorations, all of which are infinitely more interesting to me than watching dudes in skinny jeans frolic about with girls who skinned their knees on rocks because they drank too much whiskey in their Stanley flask. But we live in a post-adult world now, so what can you do.

Emoji shrug.

Stanley A Brand of PMI
President/Chief Executive Officer - Rob Harris
Director of Marketing - Lisa Wood
Trade Marketing Manager - Michelle Fleming

Chief Creative Officer - Mark Ray
Managing Director - Rebecca Armstrong
Creative Director/Art Director - Ashod Simonian
Creative Director/Copywriter - Eric Samsel
Executive Producer - Steve Rauner
Director of Photography - Luke Perkins
Producer - Matt Genz
Social Content Director - Stuart Perkins
Brand Director - Loralee Stapleton
Brand Strategy Director - Jordan Delapoer
Media Strategy Director - Caroline Desmond
Media Planner - Nathan Johnson, Devon Brown
Editor - Leif Hanson
Studio Artists - Chris Sequeira, Blake Caudle
Music - The Pynnacles

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