Staples - Screensaver - (2012) - (Argentina)

She answers the phone "Unlimitech Solutions" and we pan out to find that the office is even worse than the name. It's so bad in fact that the boss asks her to tiden the place up a bit before their visitors arrive, starting with cleaning up her computer desktop. "Screensaver?".. and you know where this suddenly goes, lets try screensaving everything.

Or, you know, you could go to Staples and get a set of matching binders.

Agency: DAVID
Client: Staples
ECD: Joaquin Cubria
ECD: Analia Rios
CD: Matias Lafalla
CD: Ramiro Gamallo
AD: Ricardo Casal
CW: Juan Javier Pena
Production Company: argentinacine
Director: Rafael Lopez Saubidet
Photography Director: Julian Ledesma
Producer: Nano Tidone
Producer: Marcos Landajo
Editor: Agustin De Vittorio
Post Production: Aldo Ferrari
Post Production: Luli Jimenez

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AnonymousCoward's picture

All I know is that I now want everything to be a screen - shelves, books, chairs, etc. I definitely don't want a set of matching binders -- who needs paper when everything's a screen?