Stella Artois - Change up the usual / Carrie Bradshaw & The Dude (2019) :45 (USA)

Carrie Bradshaw and Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski walk into a bar.... and yeah that's the joke. Instead of her usual cosmopolitan, Carrie orders a Stella Artois. Shocker. Also we know for certain it's Carrie rather than Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to the ridiculous hat and the "Sex in the city" soundtrack. Her order sends shockwaves through the restaurant. Soon “The Dude” arrives, and he skips his usual white russian in favour for a Stella. The Dude not only abides, the dude is a beer shill. Tres bizarre.

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Client: AB InBev

Ad agency: Mother New York

Music: "Sex in the city" theme song, remake of Dylan's "The Man in Me"

AnonymousCoward's picture
Hygge's picture

Mwah. Not as brilliant as it could have been.
Praise should go to mispronouncing the name Stella Artoos though. That probably took some convincing. ;-)

Dabitch's picture

I like that he said "Stella artos", that was nicely in character :)

Candy Man's picture

This is just sad. They had the right people, but the wrong execution.

arrella's picture

a swing aaaaaand a miss

Sport's picture

Too much borrowed interest.

chew fan's picture

Was that Carla Hall in the background behind ‘Carrie’.

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