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Stella Artois - Great Beer Travels (posters) - (2019) (Belgium)

Great beer like great ideas, travel. Stella Artois is a Belgian beer with more than 600 years of brewing tradition, as you can imagine Belgians are quite proud of it. They are even prouder of the fact that the beer now exists in more than 180 countries. This is the seed for the campaign idea, where they photograph the billboards in other countries, to make billboards in Belgium.

United Arab Emirates, China, USA; UK; even Russia has Stella Artois beer billboards to use in the campaign.

Stella Artois billboard in Rio, photographed, becomes a billboard in Belgium

Together with the client, the agency scanned media plans worldwide looking for outdoor ads, thereby finding the iconic looking places where a Stella Billboard has been.


Regarding the agency: TBWA\Belgium was elected Agency of the Year twice in the last decade and digital Agency of the Year 5 times in the last 6 years.

Stella Artois billboard photographed in Hong Kong, becomes a billboard in Belgium

Client: AB INBEV Stella Artois

Contacts: Rob Goossens , Josse Peremans, Arnaud Hanset

Agency: TBWA\Belgium

Creative Director: Jeroen Bostoen

Strategic Director: Kristof Janssens

Creation: Pieter Claeys, Wouter Pardaens, Roxane Schneider, David Maertens

Account Team: Jochen De Greef, Max Fauconnier, Rosemarijn Bol Raap

Design: Sébastien Bontemps, Christophe Liekens

Research: Wouter Pardaens, Yves Van Hacht

Studio: Patti Secci, Annick Cohen

Art Buyer: Elly Laureys

PR Creative: Kenn van Lijsebeth

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Anyone else wonder how much beer they could be selling in the UAE with so many devout Muslims, like the one passing that billboard?

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