Stella Artois perfect pint

The creative team at Lowe Tesch went to Prague and studied how to pour the perfect pint, and then translated this into a virtual world. Its Stellas first worldwide digital advertising but it's also unmistakingly Stella. There are an infinite number of outcomes possible in L’étranger, and most have the sacrifice. You are the star and the director as you try pouring the perfect pint.

”In a world where consumers are getting ever more difficult to reach, we believe that our advertising has to have enough confidence to invite consumers to interact with our brand, to create their own experience,” said Natalia Balakireva, Brand Manager for Stella Artois at InBev. ”This strategy gives us the necessary relevance and inherent qualities for the target audience to actively pursue the world of Stella Artois.

cred baby!
Lowe Tesch:
Art Director: Patrik Westerdahl
Flash/Motion Designer: Daniel Isaksson
Account Director/Planner: Måns Tesch
Copywriter: Cecilia Högkvist
Creative Support: Johan Tesch
Project Manager: Anna Kjellmark
Agency Producer: Marcus Sundqvist
Assistant Art Director: Alex Kerber
Assistant Motion Designer: Tobias Löfgren
Programmer: Robin Gavin
English Copywriter: Stephen Whitlock

Lowe Worldwide:
Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Account Director: Sarah Ellis
Account Coordinator: Lovisa Brunnberg

Stink (Stockholm):
Director: Joakim Eliasson
D.O.P.: Henrik Stenberg
Producer: Krister Kildén

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"Why nine steps makes the beer taste its' very best"

How embarassing for a worldwide campaign.

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Where did you find that quote? (Screendump it?)

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Whacha talking about

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On the screen (like your 2.8) with my score (8.5) it was in the paragraph under the score.

Out of the goodness of my heart, I emailed Lowe Tesch about it. They're on it. I have fulfilled my karma requirements for the day.

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Ah, that explains why I never saw it. For a moment there I thought you might have seen dust on your screen. ;)