Stepford wives - Rice and Clinton

In a (succesful) bid to get a little extra attention around the film Stepford wives - a remake of Bryan Forbes 1975 film by the same title which is based on a book by Ira Levin - Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice have been added as extra spice to the trailer. Morphing from their usual selves to a harem lady and the perfect homemaker their images flash by in a snap, but it's enough to make people notice. Birdherder exclaimed "Wtf!?" upon seeing it - click here for news at ten video detail. Shocking for attentions sake? Probably - and I thought the oh-so-understated teaser with our current Miss Perfect Kidman doing her best porcelain doll look was so much better.

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Although I think Condolezza Rice have "it" even nowadays I can't get this. Why this?

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Jag kan inte hj

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tame17. Undrar om n

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*asg* And I have to say that I didn't recognize that the last post I did was in Swedish. Have to admit that I wrote it after a couple of "groggs" :)

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Who is this supposed to appeal to?

Me no understand.

If anything, those images will offend the film's primary target, while disgusting everyone else.