Steve McQueen rides again - for Mustang.

If you build it... They will come... is the idea behind Fords new ad where the spirit of Steve McQueen rides again, in a racetrack built in a farmers field.

The cooky farmer who built the track races around in his mustang, when out of the field steps the Steve, what is a farmer to do? Give Steve the keys and watch him ride off course.

Paul Street directed this ad, having experience in bringing Steve back to life from a previous ad for Ford (Europe) in 1997.
Believe Media superimposed Steve McQueens head onto a body double, the result is seamless, "It is as if Steve McQueen is back to life" said Katie Matson creative coordinator at Believe.

The real farm where this ad was shot is in Chilliwack, British Colombia. The race track was modeled after Willow Springs International Raceway and cut into a 75-acre cornfield. The farmer who owns the land admits to having a bit of fun before restoring the field, "We rented go-karts.".

Ford Mustang - Cornfield Steve McQueen (2004) - 0:90 (USA)

See also the Short version and standard version

More about this story at USA Today and Got Mustang. Hat tip goes to Mustang-lover Claymore for the links.

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Superadgrunts, click here to view the McQueen spot:

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Is Steve McQueen's estate busy these days or what?

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I want to see it. I want to see it. I want to see it. I want to see it!! Any idea when it will hit airwaves? Steve McQueen + new Mustang=AWESOME!

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J Wlater Thompson (the agency) Love exited people like you. :)

"Cornfield" will premiere in movie theaters on Oct. 29 - so go catch a movie in a big theatre that night... Only a few days to go...

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