STF - The Swedish Phone number - The Prime Minister answers the call (2016)

STF have invested so much in the Swedish number they're not going to let up yet, even if we've already Badlanded it, and pointed out that it's been trolled by Swedes. To give me yet another reason to grab my trusty skämskudde, they engaged the Prime Minister of Sweden to answer the phone. Yes. The real Prime Minister. People who run countries these days spend more time on late night shows, dancing, and playing golf than actually running the countries - at least our guy is trying to drum up some tourism business. Bless his heart. We're going to need that cash after moving some of our world famous crystal factories to Turkey, so there's one thing you can no longer visit when you visit Sweden.
Previously we showed you the launch film, and the number announcement.

Ad agency: INGO Stockholm
Ad agency: Grey New York
PR: Cohn & Wolfe

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