Stoere Vrouwen strip for a more humane fashion industry


Stoere Vrouwen strip for a more humane fashion industry

"Stoere Vrouwen" have done it again. You may remember the strip done by actress Victoria Koblenko a couple of years ago, and then the co-ordinated stripping events in five Dutch cities where women would get down and take their clothes off for a more humane fashion industry. The motto is reminiscent to PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" as it's "Better naked than created by exploitation". The tactic, to have more than 30 women and at least one man strip in public may also remind you of Femen. We've seen professional models strip in Stüssy campaigns and to protest climate change, so the tactic isn't exactly new. We all know that when women take their clothes off, attention is paid like bills on payday.

It was a success then, so Store Vrouwen just did it again. And maybe, just maybe, this will make fashion houses take a closer look at how their clothes are made.



I hope this is successful

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