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Stolen App shuts down, it barely began.

Stolen was an app-game of sorts, where much like trading baseball cards, you could collect, trade and frankly steal someone else's twitter profile. As soon as the app gained some fans, opinion writers worried about privacy issues and how it could affect women prominent in their field & visible on social media, while social media brand managers began working on their decks on how to take over competing brands on Stolen. You can throw those decks away now, friends, as Stolen just announced the death of their own app. The main problem was that a stolen Twitter profile could be "vandalized", or rather edited, to change the name and say mean things. An opt out option was created to appease people worrying that someone might be drawing digital dicks on their twitter bio, but that may have been too little, too late.

The buying and selling of Twitter profiles was done with fake money inside the app itself. The game was pretty pointless, except for the ability to brag to other players that one owned Kanye's Twitter Page or a big brand, sports team or heck - why not @Potus? If I had bothered playing it, you know I'd be trying to take over Adweek, and I would hope they'd attempt the same with our profile, with our main goal of becoming more expensive than Taylor Swift (oh c'mon, you know that was in someone's deck somewhere!) The developers didn't exactly vouch for the amazing gameplay of the app, describing it thusly on the download page: "This app is ngl literally the worst. We're sorry we made it." Pointless as it was, it was really addictive to those who played it, and there are countless disappointed acronyms and emoji's left as comments to Stolen's announcement on Twitter.


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