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Stop churning out the Selfie hashtag idea: it's not original and was never any good.

Listen up, brands and social media people, there's one idea so over-used in advertising today that it has its own tumblr Badland site. You see, Your Selfie Idea is Not Original, and that selfie idea is trotted out at least once a day in the ad-world, and no matter what brand signs off on it, the campaign is rubbish. Well, apart from that Samsung underwater selfie stunt, because that was a pretty cool product benefit demonstration. Dove released an eight minute ad as a short film at the Sundance film festival, called Selfie, which summed up that by creating selfies we are changing the images of beauty around the world. Perhaps.

But as for you other brands asking for Selfies and hashtagging it #Restaurantselfies or #Selfieforselphy or whatever, just stop. Now. Please. We can get selfies on toast these days, and even our cats are taking selfies with apps like snapcat, and the most recent twitter outage was caused by the Samsung Selfie at the Oscars. Selfies are over. Done. Passé. And overused. We've seen selfies taken at funerals, selfies in bathroom, selfies in Auschwitz. No, seriously. Selfies in Auschwitz.

That young woman got harassed on twitter as her selfie went viral, but she seemed to enjoy her 15 minutes somewhat and defended her selfie as it was an important place for her, and her now deceased father. Selfies at serious places catalogues the selfies taken by people in front of memorials and even Chernobyl. Selfies are the vacation-shots of the narcissistic generation. And also a really tired ad-idea.

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