The story behind the new look of Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited

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"The new advertising campaign for Diesel Unlimited Perfume - both film and print - developed by the independent agency Fred & Farid (Paris) unveils a new dimension of hedonism"

In the new campaign created by Fred & Farid Paris, Diesel Perfume is redefining the codes of hedonism. The launch of the first fragrances for men and women in 2007 spotlighted a primarily sexual hedonism. Whereas this year Fuel For Life Unlimited focuses on a more emotional hedonism: it's all about accomplishment, freedom, complicity, sensuality, which reflects an appetite for life in a broad sense, embedded in strong female codes and a new story "For Women Only"

The campaign illustrates several dimensions of the Fuel For Life Unlimited's hedonism in the life of three women. And each scene represents a glorification of life and of the sentiment of feeling alive.
"After the tremendous business and communication success of the launch of the brand in 2007, the main risk would have been not to bring newness, not to go one step further. With Fuel For Life Unlimited the brand has succeeded in going where nobody expected it to be: a more feminine, glamorous and sophisticated territory", explains Steeve Hagege, International Marketing Director of the Brand

Paul Gore directed the new film. He used to work as a photographer and he is famous particularly for his music video clip for Massive Attack Placebo, Amy Winehouse etc. Fred & Farid motivated this choice by Paul Gore's ability to direct non-linear stories and to master the varied rhythm the agency wanted to privilege at editing stage.

The 60 sec film stands out due to a succession of diverse stories that highlight every aspects of hedonism in a very intimate and feminine way and tone . The agency has imagined a global story composed of different little scenes in which the emotional language has a full impact thanks to the variety of sequences and  the alternation of different framings: close-ups to emphasizes sensuality, wide shots to evoke a sensual and mysterious imaginary world. The only commonalty (common ground) with the previous films is that each scene is shot in such a subtle way that there is still no reference to a specific period and no clue to determine if it's about reality or fantasy.

In order to reinforce each emotion, the edit alternates sequences with 25 frames per second and 100 frames per second, different paces to emphasise the various emotional peaks, which highlight unlimited hedonism and appetite for life.
This emotional language got conceived as a mix of unlimited experiences of life and it showcases the film as an open-end question.
"As we can't make people smell the fragrance through the screen, the challenge was to create a distinctive experience, a strong emotional story, so that the viewer can feel a "reptilian" effect and feel alive himself.", explain Fred & Farid.

In order to be consistent with the 2007 Fuel For Life campaign, this new campaign still uses the retro codes in terms of artistic direction, which characterize the brand. There is a subtle mix of these retro codes with the modernity of the models and of their acting in timeless locations.

The print visuals push the sensuality and the sophistication of the codes even one step further. In a second stage of the campaign, billboards will spotlight various characters, which is seldom in the perfume industry.
The photo shooting was done by Ellen Von Unwerth who is well-known for her advertising campaigns for Lavazza, Baccarat, Anna Sui, Guess, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and is a former model herself.

Watch the ad:
L'Oreal -Diesel - Unlimited Perfume - Fuel For Life Unlimited (Females only) - (2008) :60 (France)

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Nice stuff. Does it smell any good though?

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Haven't tried it. My tiny shop hasn't ordered the perfume yet. This is a conservative hood. I'll have to head into the city and check one of these days, but by the looks of it it smells like exited sweaty lesbian sexual experimentation.

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I haven't had the opportunity to smell such a thing. I can imagine it smells a bit like Play-Doh though.

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It smells good :). I like this ad and the music too.