Stouffer's "All to the table" (2015) :30 (USA)

Stouffer's is a frozen food brand in North America I have not had the pleasure of eating. Although Kidsleepy tells me their french bread pizzas are quite a treat. Still, TV dinners are TV dinners. But now in time for holidays Stouffer's wants to remind people that they can still help make a festive meal for family and friends alike. In one long pan, shot from above, this pre-roll spot demonstrates the different kinds of tables -- young ones, large ones, table for two and more-- that are getting together to celebrate.

Soutffer's wisely stays away from the normal messaging in its category, because no one believes a great homemade meal can be made in two minutes, and the holidays are about taking time to make it right anyway.

This also marks the first time Stouffer's is on Instagram, posting overhead shots of food porn just like the ones in the pre-roll spot. Each table represents a different time or style. Brunch, a kid's table, an Italian feast and more.

And just in case you want to do more than just set the timer for a few minutes and hit start, there are also recipes on the Stouffer's website.

Now I'm hungry.

Client: Nestlé USA and STOUFFER’S® brand
Client team: Director of Marketing, Tilman Moe; Marketing Manager, Kim Vo; Marketing Associate, Megan Nye; Marketing Associate, Angelo Fields

Agency: Swift
CCO: Alicia McVey
GCD: Cat Hyland
CD: Carolin Harris
ACD Writer: Otis Rubottom
Writer: Brittnee Gregory
AD: Gabriella Narvaez
Designers: Jess Harrington, Holly Stout
Video Producer: Bailey Phillips
Still Photographer: Amaren Colosi
Stylists: Maki Katsumoto, Katie Simon
Stylist Assistant: Andrea Tolbert
Art Department: Chelsea Parker-Guidry
Director of Client Services: Ryan Peterson
Account team: Michelle Borgese, Hilary Foreman, Frank Normandin
Producers: Julie Powers, Bre Maris
Production Partner: Priestley
Production Partner Producers: Davis Priestley, Aimee Lynn Barneburg
Director/Director of Photography: Shawn Sundby

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