Stun Spotting - Stun Creative launches a new commercial division

Stun Creative, the award-winning creative agency and production company based in Los Angeles is launching StunSpots, a commercial production unit with a roster of top directors for consumer and entertainment brand commercial spots. The unit will be led by Jared Christensen, Stun Creative’s VP Head of Production, who reports directly to Stun Founders/Principals Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth.
StunSpots inaugural talent roster is:
Patrick Biesemans – formerly an in-house Producer/Director at Grey NY, highly regarded for his uniquely stylized and visual approach to storytelling.

Jay Karas – the prolific Hollywood comedy director best known for his work in episodic television, including directing Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics, Raising Hope, Awkward and The Fosters. Jay is a master at directing comedy spots that are entertaining, memorable and effective.

Nick Enriquez – a documentary and commercial director renowned for his dynamic, cinematic style of documentary advertising, working with real people. Nick previously was represented by Lonelyleap in NYC.

Celebrating 16 years, Stun Creative built its reputation as Hollywood’s go-to shop for entertainment brands – networks and studios. They’ve since moved successfully into consumer brand advertising, most recently shooting top brand commercials including Dove + Men Care Real Strength, a Super Bowl favorite last year; the new Fandango campaign starring SNL comedian Kenan Thompson as movie superfan Miles Mouvay; the Pepsi Perfect commercial celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Back to the Future” and If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will?, a pro-bono effort on Funny Or Die for WomanCare Global – featuring actress and activist Jessica Beal and directed by Jay Karas.

“Nick, Jay and Patrick contribute a full range of styles and approaches to StunSpots,” said Mr. Christensen. “They have very distinct points of view when it comes to storytelling. All very accomplished, they construct narratives in their own unique and compelling way through comedy, visual and documentary filmmaking. We are thrilled to have them on our roster.”

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